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1. Only trained, authorized and competent persons should operate a Skidsteer.
2. There are fines and penalties under the Occupational Health and Safety Act specific to the operation of mobile equipment and lifting devices.
3. It is the responsibility of the Operator of a Skidsteer to insure the load is stable before lifting and/or moving the load.
4. It is the responsibility of the Skidsteer Operator to insure there is sufficient clearance.
5. It is a generally accepted practice to complete a pre-shift inspection of a Skidsteer?
6. You should always read the Operator’s Manual BEFORE operating a skidsteer.
7. The location of the Skidsteer’s and load’s combined centres of gravity determines the stability of the Skidsteer?
8. The centre of gravity shifts on a Skidsteer when turning a corner?
9. The centre of gravity on an Skidsteer moves as the load is raised?
10. A Skidsteer will be more likely to tip if operated on a grade?
11. If you are operating a Skidsteer and it is going to roll over on it’s side you should jump free of the unit?
12. If you are operating a Skidsteer and it is going to fall off an embankment you should brace yourself and stay on the Skidsteer?
13. It is an acceptable practice to drive with the work tools or bucket of the Skidsteer tipped forward?
14. Whenever possible while lifting a load the load should be touching the back of the work tools?
15. The correct way to pick a load up is to have it centered and placed at the heel of the work tools or in the center of the bucket?
16. When lifting a load that is too heavy for the Skidsteer it is acceptable to push it along the ground?
17. When lifting a load when using a skidsteer, it is acceptable to lift more than capacity as long as the rear wheels are still on the ground.
18. Only 1 of the locking arms needs to be engaged for safe operation.
19. Always drive a Skidsteer as fast as it will go?
20. When driving a Skidsteer always look in the direction of travel?
21. All Skidsteer’s are designed so there is no obstructions to the operators vision?
22. If the operator of a Skidsteer cannot see over the load or other hazardous conditions exist a spotter/signaler is required?
23. If an Operator of a Skidsteer cannot see over the load it is acceptable to raise the load high enough to see under the load before proceeding?
24. When there is a no load on a Skidsteer it should be driven forward down an incline?
25. When there is a load on a Skidsteer it should be driven in reverse down a hill or incline?
26. It is a generally accepted practice to travel with the work tool twenty (20) to twenty five (25) inches off the ground?
27. If the load is stable and secure it is an acceptable practice to have a person ride on the Skidsteer?
28. If the load is unstable and the distance of travel is short, it is acceptable for a person to walk along side the Skidsteer to help steady the load?
29. All Skidsteers have the same capacities?
30. Vertical lift skidsteers have the same lifting capacity as radial lift units.
31. It is a generally accepted practice for an Operator of a Skidsteer to sound the horn at all blind corners?
32. It is a generally accepted practice to lift, swing or move a load over people if the Skidsteer Operator advises all people affected?
33. Skidsteer Operator’s should drive slowly when operating a Skidsteer on slippery, wet, and rough surfaces?
34. When speaking with anyone operating a Skidsteer you should stand close enough so that they can hear you.
35. When approaching people the Operator of a Skidsteer should sound the horn and insure eye contact is made with the people?
36. It is a generally accepted practice to stand in front of a Skidsteer when a load is being put in place?
37. It is an acceptable practice to operate a skidsteer without Roll Over Protection.
38. While operating a Skidsteer an operator should keep all body parts inside the cab enclosed area?
39. It is acceptable to have Skidsteer races on the jobsite if no one is around.
40. It is an acceptable practice to lift people with a skidsteer on a construction site.
41. When entering or exiting a skidsteer, always use the 3 point entry position.
42. When exiting a skidsteer, it is acceptable to leave the lifting boom up.
43. It is NOT required to ensure that all gas, water, hydro etc. locates are completed before beginning to dig.
44. Each jobsite may site specific safety rules that must be followed.
45. Specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required when operating a Skidsteer?
46. If the Skidsteer is equipped with a seat belt it should be worn along with the restraining bar?
47. It is a good practice to inspect jobsite conditions so that you are aware of any hazards that may exist.
48. A good time to take a cigarette break is when refueling a Skidsteer?
49. When properly parking an Skidsteer the power is off, parking brake is engaged, the Skidsteer is on level ground and the edge/tip of the work tool is flat on the floor/ground?
50. It is acceptable to operate a Skidsteer after drinking a few beers?


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